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Let's be honest, implementing Bi tools isn’t always easy. SmartBi wants to change that by making business dashboards more accessible. Partnering with us benefits both you and your customers.

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Who is the SmartBi partner program for?

SmartBi tools are designed to track the performance of digital campaigns. Consultants and agencies that specialize in digital marketing, website development, e-commerce, digital advertising and social media will benefit the most from partnering with us.

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What are my responsibilities as a SmartBi partner?

SmartBi solution partners become an extension of our team. They know our platform inside and out, have all the tools and resources they need to sell SmartBi to their customers and benefit from priority access to our support department.


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Lifetime revenue sharing

As a SmartBi solution partner, you’ll earn 10% of the revenue generated by the customers you refer for as long as they continue to do business with us.

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Working with us is easy

We provide ready-to-use dashboards that are easy to understand and focus on the metrics that really matter. Your customers will love using our platform and can get started right away.

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Our platform is affordable and doesn’t require a long-term commitment

SmartBi is affordable, easy to configure and doesn’t require a long-term commitment. It’s easy to convince your customers to sign up for our platform.

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We help agencies build strong relationships with their customers

SmartBi helps agencies build strong relationships with their customers by providing comprehensive analytical tools that highlight the impact of every action you take on their behalf.

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You’ll save time and increase your sales

You’ll no longer have to spend hours drafting performance reports for your customers. All the data is at your fingertips anytime you need it. In addition, you’ll have access to dashboards to help you identify new business opportunities and help increase your income.

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The right tools to track your referrals and earned income

When you open a SmartBi partner account, you’ll have access to an online platform that allows you to track your referrals and commissions. We also provide additional tools to help you sell SmartBi to your customers.

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Two ways to refer

Referring customers to us is easy. Here are two ways you can do it:

Use a referral tracking URL

Every partner is given a unique URL that can be integrated into their website, blog, social media accounts and newsletter.

When a customer clicks on the link and subscribes to our platform, you’ll receive a commission. If a customer requests a demo, they’ll be sent directly to you for guidance. It really does pay to talk about SmartBi on your digital channels.

Register your opportunities

Do you have a customer in mind that you want to recommend? Did you recently introduce SmartBi to someone? Do you want to safeguard your commissions for a specific account?

Our tool allows you to save the email address of every customer you suggest so that the credit for their registration is automatically applied to you even if they don’t click on one of your referral URLs.

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Become a partner today:
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