Why It's Essential to Centralize Your Data

12 oct

1— To stop searching!

Many of you use Google Analytics or tools to analyze your Shopify store’s sales and to track the performance of your online ad campaigns or your favourite social media platform.

However, most of these platforms are constantly changing and unless you spend a few hours on them each week, it’s easy to get lost. When you centralize your data in a single interface, you no longer have to learn how several tools work. Everything is presented in a simple, uniform way that saves you considerable time. 

2— To be able to compare data

Maybe you've mastered certain ad reporting or ad placement analysis tools on Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing or AdWords. But what do you do when you want to compare the performance of these different platforms? Or cross-reference data from several sources to get information vital to your success? The only way to do this is to centralize your data in one place to analyze it, "together." 

3— Ah, so that's what Big Data is!

In a very general way, yes. When you centralize the data from all your digital channels in one place, you’re creating a large, complex dataset that requires more advanced tools to analyze. 

4— Is it hard to do?

If you try to do it yourself, it can be a considerable challenge. But if you use a tool like SmartBi, which is designed to give you business intelligence superpowers quickly and affordably, it’s a breeze! Find out how it works here