Which Advertising Channel Produces the Best Results?

23 nov

Which has the best conversion rate: Google, Facebook, Microsoft or LinkedIn?

That's a question our team gets asked every day. The answer is: it depends!

The problem is that most advertisers manually generate reports from each of these platforms. The reports show which campaigns are the most successful within that single channel. On the other hand, given that many factors can affect a campaign's success, comparing the results can be quite complicated. What's the solution?

First of all, compare your results by gathering them on a single platform!

SmartBi has developed a dashboard that can centralize data from your Google, Microsoft (Bing), Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns. We pull the data from each of these platforms into one database and standardize it so that it can be compared.

This way, you can quickly see how much you’re investing on each platform and get a clear picture of the conversion costs for each. This lets you compare apples to apples and make informed decisions. 

Equip yourself with tools to compare yourself with others on the market!

We import performance data from different market studies into this dashboard in addition to standardizing the information. This way, you no longer have to ask yourself:

  • Is my cost-per-click good? 
  • Is my cost-per-thousand impressions good? 
  • Do enough people click on my ads?

Our platform will let you know how you’re doing by comparing your results with those of thousands of advertisers like you. 

See our omnichannel ad tracking dashboard at work!

In closing, here is a short video explaining how our omnichannel ad tracking dashboard works. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.