What Gets Your Phone Ringing?

7 dec

If a call is a sure-fire way to close a sale, it’s important to know what gets customers calling

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to make their purchases online. So it’s normal to want to automate the purchasing process to be able to serve as many customers in as little time as possible. Which makes analyzing your results a smart move. 

However, for many companies, human interaction (e.g., a phone call) is often vital to finalize a sale. Yet, when we ask business owners and operators what makes potential customers call, many have a general idea, but aren't completely sure. 

Did you know that there are several platforms that can help you pinpoint which of your ad campaigns are getting customers to call? One such platform stands out for its reliability and affordability: CallRail.

Advantages of using CallRail for your call tracking

Setting up a call tracking system might seem complicated, but it's really not. CallRail is easy to install and offers many advantages:

  • Very reliable (more than 175,000 companies trust CallRail)
  • Doesn’t require any changes to your existing telephone system
  • Tracks online ad campaigns (AdWords, Facebook, email, organic, etc.)
  • Tracks offline ad campaigns (brochures, radio ads, posters, events, etc.)
  • Tells you which ad campaign a call originates from
  • Helps you prioritize the ads that net you calls
  • Lets you record your calls for quality or training purposes
  • Helps you accurately measure your returns on investment  

SmartBi makes it easy to interpret your call data

SmartBi's CallRail dashboard shows the concrete impacts of your investments in an easy-to-understand interface. You’ll have all your data in one place and get superpowers without needing to be bitten by a radioactive spider!

SmartBi lets you try CallRail for free

As a Call Rail partner, we offer the opportunity to try the system completely free of charge for 14 days. Simply follow the link below and fill out the registration form. You won't be disappointed!

Start your free CallRail trial here!

In closing, here is a short video explaining how our CallRail performance dashboard works. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.