How to Simplify Analytics Monitoring

26 oct

Is Analytics Monitoring Complicated?

Many believe—wrongly—that analytics monitoring is only available to big companies. This belief stems from the fact that SMEs don't always have the budget to set up custom dashboards or don't have the time to learn how to use the dozens of free tools available on the market.  

Learning how to use different interfaces isn't easy

There are many free platforms you can use to track your results. The most popular include Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Reporting,

AdWords campaign performance tracking, your CRM's reporting tools and more.

So, lots of great tools to check your performance! The problem is that most of these platforms are quite technical and all have a unique interface. So you have to invest a lot of time into understanding how each one works. And since companies are looking to continuously improve, all of these tools are frequently updated. Learning how to use them is an ongoing task.   

Want to quickly acquire business intelligence superpowers, without having to invest tons of time and money?

SmartBi was developed to make data analysis accessible to all companies, big or small. Gathering all the data vital to your success on one platform lets you focus on the information that truly matters.

We also present all this data in a uniform visual interface regardless of the channel consulted. That way, you don't have to learn how several different interfaces work.

Finally, since we draw the data from the tools you’re already using, you only need to give us access to those, so that we can set everything up for you. It's fast, easy and above all: affordable. Visit our "How does it work" section to learn more.

What if you want super complicated or custom features?

SmartBi’s basic tools are powerful enough to get you started. Most of our clients will never need more.

However, if you want custom business intelligence (BI) tools, we have a team of experts that can personalize your dashboards, even for sources that are not natively supported by our core offer. Learn more about our customized development offer here.