How to perform well on Google?

11 jan

Do you put in all the necessary efforts to perform well on Google?

In 2022, this is no longer a secret. Being present on Google can have a major impact on your business' success. But what actions must be considered to become a champion? Here are the 5 elements to never omit from your strategy.

1- Implement Google Analytics and Tag Manager

The first step to remember is to implement the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics tools on your site. It is also recommended to have Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 in place at the same time. These free tools will allow you to collect data about visitors on your website so that you can analyze them later.

2- Consider paid advertising campaigns

When people search for your products and services on Google it is imperative to be there. The reality is that appearing in the top positions of search engines is a long process. To save time, you can set up Google advertising campaigns that will guarantee you a quick presence. There are two main ad networks. One allows you to pay for search terms (search ads) and the second one to display banner ads on the google display network (display ads). In both cases, everything works on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand display (CPM) basis.

3- Optimize your organic presence (SEO)

The science of SEO is quite complex and requires a number of technical actions and editorial standards in order to be listed among Google's free results. We will leave it to the experts to advise you on this matter. However, we suggest that as a starting point, you implement Google Search Console on your site and consider using our SEO SmartBi dashboard.

4- Work on your local presence

Helping Google to know you is the basis of a good relationship with it. To achieve this you can set up a Google Business profile. It will allow you to describe your business and identify your different points of service. It is even possible to personalize your profile with photos, promotions, posts, etc. This will greatly help your presence on local searches.

5- Build your reputation

When shopping online what matters to you? Most likely reading the reviews given by buyers of the product you are looking for. It's the same when a consumer searches for a business. Your reputation is important. Once you have set up a Google Business Profile, you will be able to start asking your customers for feedback by providing them with a link. A good way to contribute to the success of your online reputation.