Business Intelligence best practices in 2022

21 dec

What are the best practices that a business should follow in 2022?

Customers very often ask us what are the best practices that a company should implement in 2022 in terms of business intelligence. In truth, the vast majority of Canadian companies generally do not have any business intelligence foundation in place. They start from very far. So today we are going to offer you the 5 actions that you absolutely must consider in 2022 if you have not already done so:

1- Set up a CRM

A CRM is a tool that allows a company to properly manage its customer relationships. Very often, a CRM is used to effectively monitor sales, automate certain marketing actions, improve your customer service and even your operations in general.

In 2022 it is absolutely essential to have a CRM in place because it is, more often than not, the richest data source for a company. If you do not have one, we suggest you use Pipedrive as it is extremely easy to set up and does not require any basic infrastructure.

2- Make sure you properly instrument your website

Many people mistakenly believe that implementing a Google Anlaytics tracking code on their site is enough to capture all the information necessary for good analytical tracking. Unfortunately they are wrong. This tool requires a minimum of configuration in order to serve you well. At a minimum, here are the desirable actions:

  • Implement Google Universal Anlaytics
  • Implement Google Analytics 4 (yes both in parallel is highly recommended)
  • Implement Google Tag Manager
  • Make sure you create 3 views: a Main view, a test view and a view with your raw data
  • Apply filters to exclude internal visits from your employees
  • Configure e-commerce tracking
  • Set up event and goal tracking
  • Apply filters allowing a uniform tracking of the URLs of your site
  • Track call-to-action urls
  • Configure a follow-up of the site's forms (number of submitted forms, number of partially completed forms, etc.)
  • Make sure to link your advertising accounts with your Google Anlaytics account
  • Etc.

We have a best practice guide with over 60 items to check to ensure proper instrumentation of your Google Analytics account. Do not hesitate to contact us or even schedule an appointment with us to get a free consultation from us :)

3- Centralize your data in the same place

Your data is everywhere. In Google Analytics, on your social media accounts, in your CRM, your online store, etc. However, to get the most from your data you need to be able to aggregate and analyze it together. No small task? This is absolutely true if you are trying to do it on your own. However, a platform like SmartBi takes care of it for you as if by magic :) To learn more on this subject, we invite you to read another article on the subject: Why it's essential to centralize your data.

4- Regularly monitor your results using dashboards

How many people after the holidays say to themselves: I'm going to get in shape and get a gym membership? Unfortunately too many people give up after 2 months. To improve your business results using data, you must invest time consulting your dashboards. Start by doing this once a week. Remember that taking small steps will get you far.

5- keep your project simple

Many people get up one day and decide to make their data their next battleground. Unfortunately, they usually give up along the way. Why? Because it is extremely easy to get lost in the vast expanse of available data. You don't have to build custom dashboards, implement complex data lakes and invest millions of dollars to make this project happen. Start with the basics. Implementing SmartBi in 2022 will give you super powers and require a strict minimum of effort. And when you have learned to walk, it will be our pleasure to help you go further with our tailor-made dashboard services.